Access to cegeps, English: the path of compromise prevails

News 10 September, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, TOMA ICZKOVITS
    The leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée

    Patrick Bellerose

    Sunday, 10 September 2017, 09:26

    Sunday, 10 September, 2017 09:28

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    The delegates of the Parti québécois have adopted Sunday morning by the compromise proposal negotiated by the national executive on access to the cegeps, English-speaking.

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    The congress of the PQ chose to add, by a strong majority, the following amendment to the party program : “to ensure that the funding of cegeps, English-speaking meet priority needs of the community’s historic English-speaking and therefore it is gradually aligned on the demographic weight that is proportional to this community.”

    The resolution also includes a number of measures to restrict access to studies in English for francophones and allophones.

    Thus, a newcomer who would not have studied French in primary and secondary school would be required to attend a college that is francophone.

    The author of the proposal, Guillaume Rousseau, explained that the measure is intended to ensure that the person has been ” sufficiently francisée or had enough education in French to work in French “.

    In addition, the program of the PQ would prohibit francophones and allophones to enrol in adult education or to vocational training in English.

    More details to follow…