Accessibility for colleges : the DEP or the DEC

News 26 August, 2017
  • Camille Gaior / 24 Hours
    The Federation of cegeps, aspires to “make it easier” for the passage of the diploma in professional studies diploma of college studies.

    Daphnée Dion-Viens

    Saturday, 26 August 2017 00:00

    Saturday, 26 August 2017 00:00

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    Fifty years after their creation, the colleges want to be even more accessible by opening their doors to holders of a diploma of vocational studies (DVS).

    Bernard Tremblay, president and ceo of the Fédération des cégeps

    Currently, it is not possible for someone who has a DEP to register for the cegep to complete a diploma of collegial studies (DEC), with a few exceptions. This student must first complete his high school diploma.

    But the Federation of cegeps, calls for the launch of a project to “make it easier” this passage from the DEP to the DEC.



    It should be “we may be able to tell people that with a DVS, you are able to enter cegep,” says its president and ceo, Bernard Tremblay.

    “The symbol is strong and buoyant market for professional education,” he adds. It’s going to give continuity in our course. “

    The colleges could then put in place services adapted to the needs of these students to help them successfully complete their general training, including courses on literature and philosophy which give some trouble to some students.

    “We could find mechanisms to allow us to support these young people. Increasingly, one is faced with a student population that has diverse needs, ” adds Mr. Tremblay.

    Eliminate the barriers

    This claim is supported by the Federation of school boards, which “supports any approach that removes barriers for students, young people and adults to continue their educational journey,” says his spokesperson, Caroline Lemieux.

    The Fédération nationale des enseignantes et enseignants du Québec (FNEEQ-CSN), one is open to more flexibility, to a flat close.

    “We understand completely the objective of reducing obstacles to facilitate the educational aspirations, says its vice-president, Nicole Lefebvre. But one must be very careful in our messages, because it is necessary to develop the secondary school diploma. “

    The office of the minister of higher Education, Hélène David, it is reminded that the proposed amendment to the Plan of college already provides that the holders of a DVS will be able to register more easily in programs of short duration in college, which lead to an attestation of college studies.

    Slight decrease in the number of students at the cégep

    0,8 % – Declining enrollment in the colleges this fall compared to last year, a smaller decline than anticipated

    175 270 – Number of enrolments in the colleges for the fall of 2017. Among them :

    • 57,5 % of them are girls
    • 42.5% are boys

    14 000 – Number of students in situation of handicap or special needs (attention deficit, learning disabilities, etc), which is 10 times more than 10 years ago.

    Source : Fédération des cégeps