Accident Sabryna Mongeon : a scene ” appalling “

News 11 January, 2018
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    Thursday, January 11, 2018 12:27

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    The paramedic who intervened to save Sabryna Mongeon, after his automobile had collided with a power pole, believes that the young woman of 18 is an ” example of courage “.

    In an interview with Denis Lévesque, Karl Sioui told the scene “appalling” on which he has been called to visit on Christmas morning; a tragedy so terrible that he ” would not wish it on [his] worst enemy “.

    At its arrival on the scene of the accident, the paramedic noted that the Hydro-Québec pole was severed and that the car was ” surrounded by wire “. It is only after having confirmation that the current was cut off as the emergency services were finally able to proceed.

    “I’ve seen Sabrina in the vehicle. I asked him what had happened and she told me : “I’m not shooting in the vehicle. I went out and I went back because I was cold” ” said the paramedic who admits that he did not understand, initially, what had happened.

    “I noticed that he was missing the left foot, but there was no trace of blood, I didn’t even set foot in the vehicle, so I thought it was weird. After that, I saw that she had frostbite and she exhibited signs of shock. She was in hypothermia. […] It was during my secondary examination in the ambulance that I saw its wounds, that I noticed the burns on his body, ” explains Karl Sioui, who works for the Cooperative des paramedics de l’outaouais.

    In fact, not only Sabryna has been charged wanting to get out of the vehicle, but she has spent more than four hours in the freezing cold before being rescued by a good samaritan.

    “His foot, it was ice. The hands and forearms were hard as rock, ” says the paramedic who says that the young woman remained conscious throughout the transport.

    “She was in survival mode, the adrenaline. The thing she told me is that it was cold. “

    Today, Karl Sioui wants to pay tribute to Sabryna Mongeon for the courage she showed that night.

    “She remained for hours in the cold, then she couldn’t even try to call because she had frostbite. For me, it is almost impossible that she has lived it. For all these reasons, it is the girl most courageous I have met. She shows it, saying that she wants to live despite the limbs that have been lost, ” says the paramedic.