Accurso has not required a lot of extras to Mascouche

News 26 January, 2018
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    Tony Accurso

    Geneviève Quessy

    Thursday, 25 January 2018 21:02

    Thursday, 25 January 2018 21:02

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    JOLIETTE | Tony Accurso and former mayor of Mascouche, Richard Marcotte would never have set foot on the controversial building of plants for the filtration and purification of water.

    Businessman Tony Accurso has heard its first witnesses in its defense at his jury trial that he is currently in Joliette, for breach of trust.

    It alleges that Mr. Accurso had deposited $ 300,000 in an account of Mr. Marcotte and having brought him on his boat in order to get contracts for his company, Simard-Beaudry.

    According to Luc Bialowas, project manager for the construction of filtration plants and waste water treatment in Mascouche, Simard-Beaudry would not be responsible for cost overruns for the rehabilitation works of the water treatment plant. For the filtration of drinking water, it is a cost overrun of 10%, which would have been required.

    “The engineer has no X-ray in the eyes. He can’t see what there is on the other side of the walls. In a project as complex as a water treatment plant, one can easily reach 40 % of contingencies. In this case, it is arrived at 10 %. “


    According to Mr Bialowas, there was an urgent need to undertake this work.

    “Let’s say that it would have been better if we had been there five years earlier. It often happens that the factories are abandoned, degrade. In this case, the drinking water plant was very outdated. “

    Same thing on the side of the water treatment plant. “Every time it was raining hard, and the plant overflowed. “

    Now every day on construction sites for three years, Luc Bialowas says there have never seen Tony Accurso, nor the mayor of Mascouche of the time, Richard Marcotte.

    “Mr. Marcotte came only once, for the inauguration. The mayor of Terrebonne, as well as the media were also present on this day “, he told.

    Millions of dollars

    A second witness, William Rochon, a lawyer in charge of legal matters related to the companies of Tony Accurso and his family, were presented with a long list of acquisitions to the contractor since he has inherited, in 1981, the company Louisbourg ltd., founded in 1954 by his father.

    Among the many transactions, a number of $ in millions of dollars, and 10 related to the year 2008 only.