Accurso is no longer accused of corruption

News 24 January, 2018
  • Photo Amélie St-Yves
    Tony Accurso began his defense Wednesday at the courthouse in Joliette.

    Amélie St-Yves

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 16:00

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 20:13

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    JOLIETTE | The court withdrew the charges of corruption that weighed against the construction contractor Tony Accurso, who is accused of having offered money and travel to the deceased mayor of Mascouche, in exchange for public contracts.

    The 12 jurors were advised Wednesday not to wonder if Tony Accurso had bribed a public servant and be limited to the charge of abuse of trust.

    “If you want to know why, I will be happy to inform you once the trial is over and that you will render your verdict “, said judge James Brunton to the 12 jurors.

    Large contracts

    Companies Accurso, including the company, Simard-Beaudry, have won contracts worth several tens of millions of dollars when the deceased Richard Marcotte, mayor of Mascouche.

    Accurso is suspected of having granted him three trips on his yacht, the Touch, and have transferred 300 000 $ through an account in Switzerland in exchange for public contracts.

    The lawyer Accurso, Marc Labelle, began his evidence on Wednesday by a presentation for the benefit of his client.

    “The defense of Mr. Accurso can be summarized as follows : Richard Marcotte was my friend since the 80’s. Richard Marcotte came on my boat and it had nothing to do with the contracts of the City of Mascouche, ” said the lawyer.

    Not a bribe

    He also affirmed that the cheque of $ 300,000 signed by Mr. Accurso has been deposited into the account of the company Verona Equities Corp. in Panama at the request of Richard Marcotte. Accurso did not know this company and believed to make out a cheque to the mayor Marcotte.

    “This was not a bribe by cheque. It was a loan, because Richard Marcotte wanted to do real estate, ” continued Me Labelle.

    It was presented by the Crown last week that a few days after this deposit, in the amount of $ 270,000 has been transferred from this company to a Swiss account of ex-mayor Marcotte.

    The defense will call six witnesses, including Tony Accurso, who is to testify early next week.

    “It is going to come tell you that he has never been asked to Richard Marcotte,” noted her lawyer.