Accused of having profited for years from a couple of homeless people with an intellectual disability

News 14 January, 2018
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    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 15:47

    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 15:47

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    TORONTO | A Toronto man has been convicted of having taken, at the end of the 1980s, the son of a couple of homeless people with an intellectual disability.

    Gary Willett Sr and his wife Maria have hosted the couple and made his child, now aged 28 years, raising it as if it were their own. The latter, who is now 28 years old, was discovered only recently that its true origins.

    The two homeless people would become the slaves of their hosts, who would have been subject, over a long period of time, both blows and insults.

    According to the Toronto Star, the woman homeless would have been able to get out of this situation after a period of four years, leaving in place a child – that would have been raised by the accused and his spouse of the time. The latter would have remained captive of his tormentors for over two decades, “hosted” in a basement filthy, eating dog food and are left with rotten teeth.

    After you have found a home for two homeless people and have even hosted him at his home, the couple accused, Gary Willett Sr and his wife Maria, first friendly, would have changed all that, putting the hand on the disability benefits Tim Goldrick and Barbara Bennett, today, aged 56 years, who have both a developmental disability.

    Mr. Goldrick, who would have been beaten, sometimes severely, would have been threatened to be sent to a psychiatric institution if he did not obey the couple. It is his son Gary that would have allowed him to flee, in 2012, when he did not know that the man in the cellar was, in fact, be his biological father.

    Gary Willett was convicted Friday of abducting the son. He will know his sentence next march.

    About Maria Willett, who must stand trial in September next, it faces the same charges as her husband, but must also defend themselves against assaulting certain children, which the couple has had custody over the years. The Willett, according to the Toronto Star, would have hosted up to eight children over the past two decades.

    Note that in the time it would be saved to the home of Willett, Barbara Bennett was not alone. She took her daughter six months, Billie-Jean Bennett, a child who would have been designed with the brother of the accused.