Accused of having stabbed his roommate to 281 times, he is declared not criminally responsible

News 24 March, 2018
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    Saturday, 24 march 2018 13:30

    Saturday, 24 march 2018 13:35

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    TORONTO – A Toronto-based 31-year-old who was accused of having killed her roommate of 281 strokes of the knife in February 2016 has just been found not criminally responsible at the end of two hours of trial.

    The judge ruled that Shafaq Joya was not criminally responsible for the killing, appalling, the magistrate having accepted the joint recommendation of the Crown and the defence.

    According to Global News, which refers to an agreed statement of facts, Joya was in the basement of his residence in the Queen City when he heard a loud voice ordering him to kill his roommate, 19 years, Mohammad Milon, a student of the University of Toronto from Bangladesh. He believed that Milo was a demon, and a voice was telling him: “Kill it before it kills you”.

    The police, who made the gruesome discovery because of a relative of the accused who was concerned about not having his new, ruled that the victim was stabbed 281 times.

    Injuries have been recorded at the head, nose, mouth, and all the major organs of the body of Milon. We had even tried to remove his heart, as well as a part of his liver and his jaw.

    The day after the murder, Joya who had hidden in the crawlspace of his house, reappeared in his underwear, and was covered with a simple cloth. The police were waiting for the pick and arrested him after he had responded coherently to their questions. He then argued that they have been attacked by Milo.

    On the crime scene, the authorities found a large knife.

    Both the experts consulted by the Crown and the defence have concluded that Joya, at the time of the murder, was suffering from a psychotic episode related to schizophrenia that he had been diagnosed in 2012.

    The revision Commission of Ontario will look at the record of Joya to determine the treatment to which it must comply.