Accused of sexual assault, the former mayor Deguire has a “deep remorse”

News 8 November, 2016

quil-pas-plaide-coupable-gillesCharged with sexual assault and touching of a girl under 16 years, the Montreal-Nord former mayor, Gilles Deguire, admits posed unacceptable actions and has a “deep remorse”.

This is what one of his lawyers, Frank Pappas argued, this afternoon, while Mr. Deguire folder was up to the judicial calendar. The lawyer was speaking after the hearing, when asked by journalists.

“This is a man who is worthy, a good individual who skidded, Pappas told me about Mr. Deguire. You know these things happen … That does not excuse is unforgivable, but it’s reality … ”

Me Papas admits that Mr. Deguire record the subject of discussions between the defense and the Crown, and noted that Mr. Deguire not trying to dodge or hide behind legal arguments. “These are things that sometimes take time. There are always two sides … We are 98% of recognition, “said Mr. Pappas.

The lawyer believes that there are no hiding places to go. “Mr. Deguire was speaking to everyone when it happened. He confessed to having planted unacceptable actions. It is a good person who blundered seriously and recognizes “Has he said.

“In terms of the objective seriousness, we are truly at the bottom of the rung, and I am not trying at all to minimize the seriousness it happened,” added the lawyer.

Presumption of innocence

Until he has pleaded guilty, Mr. Deguire is still presumed innocent. The charges against him occurred between December 1, 2013 and October 23, 2015, in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec. The alleged victim was under 16 years.

Mr. Deguire, who was a police officer for 30 years, including in the Montreal North police youth section, was elected mayor of this district in 2009. Within the scope of a criminal investigation, he resigned in January last few weeks before being formally accused in this case.

Mr. Deguire the folder will return before the judge Myriam Lachance on 1 December. Mr. Deguire was present in the court, but he was not in the courtroom.