Activists are calling for the opening of the borders

News 7 August, 2017
  • Photo agence QMI, Toma Iczkovits
    Gerald Briand wished to participate in the rally which was held Sunday at the stadium, attended by a few hundred other people to remember that the migrants are above all human beings and that” we must welcome them as such “.

    Catherine Montambeault

    Sunday, August 6, 2017 06:24

    Sunday, August 6, 2017 21:21

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    “No one is illegal !” chanted with aplomb nearly 300 people gathered Sunday at the olympic Stadium to welcome the newcomers and to demand the opening of borders.

    “I myself have had refugee status for over two years now, so I know how difficult it is. I still don’t know when my wife and five children will be able to join me here, “said Habib Bedd Al-Qurashi, who was holding a sign on which one could read :” Refugee(s)bienvenu(e)s : bring your families. “

    Denounce racism

    This journalist, originally from Mauritania, Africa, has left the country after receiving threats from the government in place. Since then, he’s had absolutely no contact with his family.

    “Today, I am here to support the refugees and to welcome in Quebec “, he explained with pride.

    Like him, hundreds of people attended Sunday at the event organised by Solidarity without borders and the action Committee of non-status people.

    In addition to wanting a gesture of solidarity, the rally was meant to denounce the “racist” who ” contrast migrants with the poor who remain in Quebec “.

    “There are people who say that we should first take care of our homeless before we take care of migrants. But as a society, we have the means to do both. […] For me, it is a pretext that hides the racism, which we must say no, ” said the political activist François Saillant.

    Lack of tolerance

    According to Chantal Poulin, who presented the gathering with a bunch of multicoloured balloons bearing the inscription ” Welcome “, the Quebecers oppose the coming of the migrants ‘ lack of tolerance.

    “The people who come here illegally don’t do it with cheerfulness of heart, she stressed. They do it because they are really in trouble. “

    Three claims were made to the voice by Jaggi Singh, a representative of Solidarity without borders : that the agreement of the safe third country between Canada and the United States to be cancelled, that the status of all undocumented migrants in Canada to be regulated, and that the borders should be open to all migrants.

    Coderre ” must do more “

    For Mr. Singh, this is only to look good that the mayor of Montréal, Denis Coderre, has gone to shake the hand of the refugees last week.

    “He said that Montreal is a city of sanctuary, which is completely false, he says. […] A city-sanctuary, it would mean that the police would cooperate with the border services Agency of Canada. It is true that it is necessary to create a city sanctuary, but it is not there yet. “

    A second demonstration, this one against the arrival of migrants, had to be held at the same place, but it was canceled Saturday.