Actor Darius Campbell drinking water from the Thames and went into a coma

News 18 December, 2017

Actor Darius Campbell almost went to the light after drinking water from the Thames. The incident occurred at the time of filming a commercial water filters.


Campbell nearly died after drinking water of London’s river. The actor fell into a coma because of a failed advertising. He starred in the video, water filters for charity. According to the story, cleaning devices had to transmit to the States of Africa.

During the commercials, the actor told how filters eliminate almost all germs and bacteria in the water. Having finished with the theoretical part, he took up the practice. Darius Campbell scored in a container of water from the Thames, and then drank it. Eventually he contracted the virus, which led to bacterial meningitis. The actor was in a coma, which, fortunately for him, not ended fatally. It became known later that on the bottle from which he drank the liquid, not filters.