Adam Dyczka remains unbeaten in the octagon

Sport 16 January, 2017

(Montreal) Adam Dyczka wasted no time Friday night in the Octagon La Tohu in Montreal. Under TKO 37, the Granbyen defeated Jarred Albertan Henderson by knockout … the 54 th second of the first round!

“What a sensation!” Dyczka said as he emerged from the octagon. I received some good punches in the face and, instead of backing off, I advanced, I assaulted him. He stung me to the quick! ”

But here, Dyczka knocked down Henderson with great blows of … knee. He offered a reply after receiving shots that made us say he would not have it easy against Henderson (3-3).

“I gave him a series of three or four good knee strokes, I think, took over the winner. But I tell you, it strikes hard and it hurts me. I see even confused on one side … ”

Dyczka was in his fourth fight in mixed martial arts among professionals. Always unbeaten, he triumphed every time by knockout And Friday night, we realized, to see the reaction of the approximately 2000 spectators who filled the beautiful Tohu, that the public likes it. We know that heavyweights fascinate. His nickname is Kung Fu Panda!

“I saw incredible emotions in the octagon. I want to continue, I do not want it to stop. So much the better if people have a weakness for me. I am sincere in my way of introducing myself, I do not play game with anyone. I feel that I hold something and I want to go to the end of it. ”

Dyczka will take a week or 10 days off and he will start training again. It is already assured that it will be TKO 38 in April.

“Practicing, I like it, it’s not a punishment. I am happy in a gymnasium, “he concluded before going to meet relatives and friends.

Not the game plan

Yan Pellerin was in the corner of Adam Dyczka. Failing to be his coach in the proper sense, he oversees the work of the 25-year-old athlete, he is close to him.

“Adam did not follow the game that we had developed a plan, he fought the feeling , he said. But it turned out well and it’s perfect. Tonight he demonstrated that he was both talented and spectacular. No, I do not want to chicaner him! ”

To see the embrace that the two men made at the exit of the octagon, it is believed on parole.

A mother proud of her son
Adam Dyczka enjoyed the encouragement of many Granbyans, Friday night, in La Tohu. Among these, she was the one who described herself as her number one fan: her mother.

“I do not miss any of my son’s fights,” Sandra Adam proudly explained. I’m nervous, I’m very nervous, but I’m still there! ”

M me Adam says he followed his boy in all its adventure sports, be it baseball, football (he played with Incredible J.-H.-Leclerc), boxing, and now mixed martial arts.

“It’s a tough sport, it’s true,” she said. But I’m not afraid. In fact, I trust Adam. He has talent and he can defend himself. ”

Dyczka did not always have it easy. Her mother says she nearly lost him three times while he was a baby, and he also committed youthful mistakes.

“He’s in his place right now because he’s a true fighter. I am proud of what he has accomplished so far and I feel that he has not finished surprising us. It is strong, it is a colossus, but it remains my baby, my little Adam to me. ”

A nice future

Judging Stephane Patry, TKO MMA boss, M me Adam has not finished being proud of her son. For you see, the promoter predicted a very bright future for him.

“There is not a ton of good heavyweights in mixed martial arts and heavyweights of talent like Adam Dyczka are very rare around the world,” he said. If he continues to work hard and improve, Adam will make his way to the UFC. He has what it takes to get there. ”

Patry, who is also a commentator at RDS, has seen others. He helped launch the career of Georges St-Pierre, Patrick Côté and David Loiseau.

The highest quality of Dyczka? His strike force, he said.

“Let’s say I would not like to receive one of his punches! “He concluded.

Pellerin to fight in Calgary
Yan Pellerin did not fight on Friday because his opponent, Alberto Marcus Hicks, was the victim of a road accident in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. But then, promoter Stéphane Patry found him a fight at … Calgary, in two weeks.

“I do not know his identity yet, but I’m so happy to know that all the training in the last few months and all the sacrifices I’ve made are going to serve something,” he said.

Pellerin is also expected to fight in April at the next TKO MMA evening in Montreal.

As for Hicks, if it’s of interest to you, he was wounded on one shoulder and the collarbone in the accident he suffered. Michel Tassé