After Free, SFR launches its unlimited 4G plan!

Techno 5 July, 2017

To you the gigas! SFR has just launched an all-inclusive package to surf in France and Europe without limits. A nice answer to Free, but it will not take long to enjoy!

Big consumer of data? You’ll love the new SFR package. The red squared operator yesterday launched a limited series all unlimited. On the menu, you will obviously find calls and SMS without limits, but especially surfing in 4G without any “fair-use”. In Europe and in the DOM, you can also benefit from 50 GB of data. An offer that is addressed to the gourmands who are not afraid to put the price. It will indeed disburse 39.99 € / month to surf without taking the lead. SFR, which offers the Blackberry KEYone, responds here to Free which offers a very similar package for its Freebox subscribers, cheaper (€ 15.99) but with less gigas in Europe (25 GB). A very attractive offer, especially that it is compatible with SFR Press and an extra! There are nevertheless some information to know before subscribing.

Interested in the unlimited 4G offer from SFR? It will not take long to subscribe your subscription! It is indeed a limited series, available only until August 21 next. To benefit from it, you will also have to commit yourself over 12 months. SFR also prevents data hungry. In case of “continuous usage with high bandwidth consumption”, you could quickly be limited to 50 GB / month. The P2P and other tasks consuming 4G are therefore to be banned. Beyond these few defects, we strongly advise you this package of SFR. With it, your next iPhone 8, and its revolutionary 3D sensors, will live in unlimited!