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After having taken the defence of his friend Cyril Hanouna in the midst of controversy, following the hoax homophobic, Dominique Farrugia, will he join Key not at my post in the new year? It is, in any case, what whispers on the Canvas…

The list of new columnists supposed to arrive in Key not at my post at the start of the school continues to grow. A lot of changes took place in the merry band of ” Baba “. Since the controversy of the hoax homophobic facilitator, in may last, several figures of the show have announced their departure : Capucine Anav, Enora Malagré, Thierry Moreau… and finally Matthew Delormeau. The bad buzz has tarnished the reputation of the program, including with advertisers, some of whom have undertaken a boycott.

But since several weeks, the host and producer Cyril Hanouna is actively involved in the rebuilding of his show. Objective : to make a new skin, and why not show a face a little less sulphur. It is as well as many personalities from major media generalists, and very respected in the community, are expected to the new school year : Renaud Revel, (L’express, le JDD), Rokhaya Diallo, a journalist and activist anti-racist, Rachid Arhab, former presenter of the news on France 2 and a former member of the CSA, or Christine Lentz, former boss of the pôle TV NRJ.

On the other hand, the star of C8 do not forget the importance of entertainment in TPMP. This is why a famous comedian would, it seems, tipped to join the troupe. According to the information of Clément Garin, a journalist for Télé Star, Dominique Farrugia, is expected to occur once per week in the program from the start. A collaboration that would not be surprising, since the two men are very close.

Moreover, in the middle of a storm in the media after the hoax deemed homophobic by Cyril Hanouna, Dominique Farrugia had taken the floor to defend his friend’s head.I feel very badly what happens to you, he explained on the set of TPMP. I live very poorly of the critical when it arrives poorly about. You have done all of what needed to be done, you are excused, you have invited people on the board who had never before spoken elsewhere. You did it with heart. You have been accused of many things, I find it to be wrong. ” A statement that was deeply moved by the moderator. “It really is like my big brother , “had it answered about the humorist of the Void. Two “brothers” may soon be reunited on the screen… It promises the show!


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