After the loss against Mayweather, the rest was yet to be set for McGregor

Sport 28 August, 2017

Photo: Eric Jamison Associated Press
Floyd Mayweather Jr. hits Conor McGregor when the match of Saturday 26 August.

Made in the 10th round, Conor McGregor was exhausted and wounded, his audacious adventure and having experienced all the pitfalls expected with an athlete of fighting the ultimate entering into the ring with the boxer the most accomplished of recent times.


The Irish delivered a fight honourable, the continuing longer than anticipated by many, and by giving more wire to untangle than expected against Floyd Mayweather son.


McGregor has been dignified and respectful after the fact, but one thing bored her : the decision, in appearance wise, referee Robert Byrd to stop the fight with McGregor still on her feet, though unsteadily.


“Let the other guy put me to the ground, he said. Don’t do it in his place. “


The question now is what comes next for him.


“I see well, but I have an open mind, said McGregor. I love a good battle and this one was a whole. I can’t tell you exactly what is the row, but there will be something. “


McGregor is in a unique position with a power of attraction, immense in two combat sports. He could touch another pretty sum as a boxer, or he could go back to the UFC, where he has two belts to defend.


In the immediate future, it’s going to take a vacation on a yacht in Ibiza. After that, who knows.


“I think it’s going to happen again [a boxing match],” said McGregor. But I also look forward again to be able to give blows of feet. And fight on the ground. I am looking forward to my next good and solid fight. “


The UFC would like to be able to count on him quickly. It has not yet defended his championships, not having that comes to combat since November 2016.


“My preference is that it rises more in a boxing ring,” said UFC president Dana White, who may be willing to increase the scholarship to keep McGregor in their ranks. This is not his field. Its domain is that of mixed martial arts. “


A third meeting with Nate Diaz is a logical choice in the UFC after two fights well received last year. McGregor has mentioned the possibility, but he would like a fight at 155 pounds and not 170, as in 2016.


“If he wants to fight me, he must reduce his weight, said the Irish 29-year-old. It is a fair market. “


Its good performance could also open doors to other fighters ultimate wanting to make the jump to boxing, if the developers find there their account.


Cody Garbrandt, the champion of the bantamweights of the UFC, could be among the interested parties.


No matter what avenue it will take, McGregor became a major figure in the sports landscape, brave in defeat, and an ace to trigger a battle with inflammatory statements.


“I am young, I am fit, I am refreshed and ready to go, said McGregor. I’m going to continue to improve myself. Having lived this fight, I’m going to continue me to adjust in order to become a fighter even better. I have always worked like that, and it’s going to continue. “