After the passage of the hurricane, Quebecers are afraid of the looters

News 10 September, 2017
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    Two looters who are taking advantage of the desolation on the island of Saint-Martin take flight while a member of the French Gendarmerie takes them on a hunt. The acts of vandalism and looting abound since the passage of the hurricane.

    Antoine Lacroix

    Saturday, September 9, 2017 16:35

    Saturday, 9 September 2017 16:42

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    Quebec prisoners of the island of St. Martin after the passage of hurricane Irma waiting to be rescued by the canadian government and are preparing to defend themselves against the looters who roam in the streets.

    “My cousin is not the type to freak out, but he was very scared at this moment in time, tells the story of Marie-Hélène Charron, who tries by all means to evacuate his family. In the streets, the atmosphere is hostile and aggressive. People kill each other for things as useless as a tv. “

    The authorities try to regain control in the streets of Saint-Martin, with the many looters who attack the shops are still standing after the hurricane.

    The Figaro says that people have even used a car to smash a grocery store asian to go steal the food inside, while Le Parisien claims that several shots were heard.

    For several days, Ms. Charron lives hours of anguish waiting for news of her aunt Isabelle Gagné, his uncle Guillaume Théberge and his cousins, Jeremiah and Gabriel Gagné, who lived for almost a year on the island of St. Martin.

    Not reassuring

    She finally got a sign of life on Saturday, but the news isn’t as reassuring as she would like.

    “They have passed through the hurricane, their house is still standing. But it almost becomes an invitation for looters. So they must be very discrete. […] They are barricaded at night, no question of going out, ” she continued, although worried because she did not know if they had items to protect.

    With enough food for a maximum of one week, Quebecers are hoping to return to Canada as quickly as possible because of the danger of looters.

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    “They say that they have nothing more to do in Saint-Martin, they simply want to return,” she says.

    “Jeremiah has walked for four hours up to the airport and it was reviré edge because we left only the Americans. Why the government is not organized-there not a rescue operation like that, before that hurricane Jose will not make your own ? These are our own who need help, ” said Marie-Hélène Charron. For its part, world Affairs Canada invited Canadians to stay in a safe place until conditions are safe.

    “It’s a result of frustration, because they want to leave. But if the conditions do not permit, we do not encourage them “, said Saturday Stefanie McCollum, director of emergency response

    Strong measures

    The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has warned the perpetrators of looting that the police and the army were ready to act if necessary. “The thieves must realize that the staff of the defence is ready to take strong action “, he said.

    Mr. Rutte has, however, refused to specify which orders specific to the few hundreds of soldiers and police deployed in the Dutch part of the island had received to prevent looting.

    He acknowledged that the looting was still not ” under control “, stressing that the circumstances were ” complicated “.

    Some 230 Dutch soldiers are on the island, and a hundred other should get there by Monday.

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