Agreement-in-principle between the Union of the pre-hospital and Emergency health

News 20 July, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Thursday, 20 July 2017 20:15

    Thursday, 20 July 2017 20:15

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    The Union of the prehospital – CSN and the Corporation Urgences-santé came Thursday at an agreement-in-principle, 15 days after the two parties were engaged in a “negotiation intensive” to come to a new contract of employment.

    The strike is not ended: it will continue until the next annual meeting of the union, they shall submit the details of the agreement-in-principle.

    “The strike time of some paramedics, as well as picketing in front of the [headquarters Emergency-health] stop at the moment,” said the member of the ems in a message shared on Facebook, adding that “the union and its members commit themselves to not affix stickers on the properties of the employer”.

    “The agreement-in-principle, meets all of our priorities. The government has made a proposal for a plan of defined benefit pension plans for the sector as a whole ems. This pension plan will be subject to the Act respecting supplemental pension plans. You should know that this pension plan remains subject to discussions with the other trade unions and employer organisations. The details of the agreement will soon be circulated to the members,” said the trade union organization on the social network.