Agreement in principle for 22 of the 35 CPE Estrie

News 18 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Sunday, 18 march, 2018 16:23

    Sunday, 18 march, 2018 16:23

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    The workers of 22 of the 35 early childhood centres (CPE) in the Estrie region have ratified an agreement-in-principle, Saturday, in the aftermath of a day of strike action on 13 other CPE of the region in Sherbrooke.

    According to the Union of the workers of the early childhood centres of the eastern Townships, the agreement-in-principle has been adopted in a ratio of 98.3 percent. Union members who have ratified the agreement do not work for an employer that is a member of the employers ‘ Association nationale des centres de la petite enfance (APNCPE), in contrast to the 13 who have suffered a day-long strike on Friday.

    The agreement, for a term of five years, provides for wage increases, gains on the issues of overtime and the weekly working time and are in training and health and safety in the workplace.

    “The result of the vote is very talkative, our members are more than satisfied with the gains obtained in this negotiation. It is, moreover, a result rarely seen in our union,” said the union president, Stephanie Vachon, by issuing a press release.

    For his part, the president of the Conseil central des syndicats nationaux de l’estrie, Denis Beaudin, has noted that “a further 250 workers in the region still do not have agreement because the employers’ Association nationale des centres de la petite enfance (APNCPE) does not seem to understand the urgency to act”.

    On Friday, the workers of the 13 CPE still without a work contract since march 31, 2015 held a one-day strike and demonstrated. The union representing the CPE hopes to reach an agreement with the APNCPE before 31 march.