Air France allows AirPods and Bluetooth headsets on its planes!

Techno 27 July, 2017

AirPods and other Bluetooth headsets can fly in the ears. Air France has just authorized their use in its planes!

Spectacular turn of events. While most airlines prohibit the use of Bluetooth devices (connected watches, smartphones, tablets, headphones and wireless earphones …) in flight, Air France has just authorized them. And it is Pascal Roussel, a pilot of Air France who announced this Wednesday, July 26, on Twitter. In practical terms, you can finally use your AirPods (which have revolutionized our way of listening to sound) or your Bluetooth headset in the cabin. And that’s really cool! But beware, the obligation to put siba smartphone or tablet in “plane” mode has not changed.

If the use of Bluetooth devices on board an aircraft concerns all phases of flight, it is necessary to respect the announcements of the flight personnel (hostesses and stewards). At the time of writing, no other airline has lifted the 2014 ban on Air France. But according to meltyStyle, it should not be long. In the meantime, you can discover the future AirPods Killer by Samsung.