AirPods: Apple investigates cuts and connection bugs

Techno 25 January, 2017

Available for purchase since December, Apple AirPods are revolutionizing wireless listening. Practical and expensive, these headphones are also subject to some bugs. The Apple began to investigate!
The AirPods are scoring minds and ears. These headphones allow you to listen to music wirelessly and make calls without the famous hands-free kits. But some AirPods (which are always difficult to shopper) are also subject to a few micro-cuts and connection bugs. It does not generalize because the headphones we received in writing do not encounter problems (thankfully), but Apple has still decided to launch an investigation to find a solution to this problem that does not affect owners iPhone 7 .
Some Apple addict had already encountered problems with their AirPods, when using their Apple Watch or other connected object. And restarting the individual devices does not change much . Fortunately, headphones headphones also have quite a few advantages. Compatible with Android , they are emerging as true allies in our daily lives. At meltyStyle, we know that Apple will probably find a solution to these bugs very quickly so we remain confident. But that does not preclude admit that 179 euros , all is not perfect yet.