AirPods: Delivery, withdrawal in the Apple Store … always galleys to buy them!

Techno 18 January, 2017

The AirPods, Apple’s completely wireless plays, are believed to be available for purchase at the Apple Store for a long time. But on the ground, the truth is quite different.
The AirPods continue to sink a lot of ink 2.0. Small and powerful, they are revolutionizing the wireless market. Yet, a month after marketing the AirPods (we have tested with iOS and Android devices) are rarely available for purchase. At the hour when these lines are written, the expeditions of headphones heads are assured in 6 weeks, nothing but that! This stock problem is also felt with the withdrawal of AirPods in the different Apple Store. And if the Apple finally missed the coach, because of this lack of product?
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Even though Tim Cook promised his firm would redouble efforts to make the AirPods easily accessible, in fact this is still not the case. Considered, rightly or not, as the patrons of the wireless market, the AirPods could suffer from the lack of sufficient stock in trade . And as Apple is known to boost the markets that interest him, competitors should not be long in coming. Future wireless headphones baptized AIR could totally overshadow the last jewel headed. And that’s all we do not wish to Apple .