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Their relationship had surprised more than one, three years ago. But Alain Delon and Valerie Trierweiler don’t care much for rumours, and still maintain their beautiful friendship. They were photographed at the beginning of the month, leaving a chic restaurant in the capital.

A friendship that lasts. The ex-first lady Valérie Trierweiler and the actor Alain Delon were again spotted together, at the beginning of the month of July. Both came out of one of their favorite restaurants, The Berkeley, the emblem of the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Accomplices and smiling, the two friends were photographed while they returned to their respective car. A kiss on the cheek, a warm embrace ; everything in their attitude shows that they have for each other genuine affection. Their relationship had already received a few inquiries, in April 2014, just four months after the rupture of the journalist and François Hollande.


At the time, Alain Delon was forced to deny rumors of a liaison. After our meal, I simply walked to his car. If I feel a certain affection for her, our relationship is unequivocally no, he had explained to VOD. And then between us, if I had to take her out for a lunch partner, do you really believe that I would have gone in this neighborhood, in this restaurant, in the middle of the week ?


It is precisely the painful and public separation from Valérie Trierweiler with François Hollande, who has strengthened his friendship with Alain Delon. In the Face of this disavowal brutal, the movie star soon felt solidarity and is used to support this woman that he found so worthy in turmoil.Let’s say that I found the process quite a bit cavalier, he confided at the time, in reference to the binding François Hollande with Julie Gayet. Since then, the friendship between Trierweiler and Delon does not seem to have abated. They love to discuss the humanitarian commitment of the ex-first lady, talking about cinema and literature, and know to disregard their political differences.


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