Aliens twice prevented sex couple from Italy : In the World : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

In Italy, the aliens twice interrupted attempt at sexual
act for one pair. They made several flights around the hill where
got young people, as reported VistaNews.


The incident happened in late January in Milan,
however, the first pair was not recognized. Similar UFO lovers saw in another place
so I decided to report. According to 21-year-old Rick, he’s with a girl already
started foreplay, but nothing came of it because there was a huge something
According to the couple, the object was a UFO triangular
shape, previously often observed by U.S. residents. The spaceship hung
about 2 minutes, and then quickly disappeared. 2 Feb noticed it again, and again
then he let intimate relationship of a young couple who decided to do
it’s in the car. Now my beloved has promised to experiment with
place for sex, stressing that it would be better to do them at home exactly where I don’t
will be no UFOs.