All citizens of the Netherlands are forced to become organ donors In the World : Vladim

News 14 February, 2018

All adult citizens of the Netherlands over 18 years of age will submit to the donor registry internal organs. This decision was taken at a meeting of the Parliament of the state. Information about it spread by the Dutch media.


After the law came into force, all residents of the Netherlands will receive written notification that their names making to the database. After death, their internal organs will be sent to medical institutions for transplantation to the needy. Each person can give up such prospects. You need to write a statement. The reason for this initiative is a critical shortage of internal organs in the country. Last year in the Netherlands killed 57 patients clinics, as their relatives are not found in a timely manner appropriate donors.

Holland is not the only country in the world that has solved the problem of lack of internal organs automatic registration of all citizens. Earlier on this path was followed by France, Belgium and Spain. In Europe normally refer to the initiative, although some relatives of the victims to negatively perceive such a donation. In Russia also adopted the law on the transfer of the internal organs to hospitals. When this person decides to become a donor or not.