Allegations of sexual assault against Rick Dykstra: Stephen Harper knew

News 3 February, 2018
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    Saturday, February 3, 2018 10:12

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    OTTAWA | the Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper was aware of the allegations of sexual assault leveled against the conservative mp Rick Dykstra during the federal elections of 2015.

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    This is what he said Friday night in a long statement he relayed on Twitter.

    The former leader of the conservative Party has indicated that his understanding of the situation at the time was that Rick Dykstra, 51 years old, had been the subject of a police investigation and that it had been closed a year earlier. Rick Dykstra has been mp for the constituency St. Catharines, Ontario, from 2006 to 2015. It had become since his defeat in the federal election as president of the progressive conservative party of Ontario.

    The former canadian prime minister also stated that he did not believe to be able to justify the withdrawal of the candidacy of Rick Dykstra in the elections.

    Mr. Harper indicates that new information has recently emerged that the investigation concerning Mr. Dykstra has not been completed. According to Mr. Harper, it is “essential” that all criminal allegations pending against its former mp, are passed to the comb by investigators, and that they lead to charges, if applicable.

    In his statement, Stephen Harper says that he has never hesitated to get rid of candidates or of members of the conservative caucus, when he had need to do so that he ran the right formation.

    “Sexual assault is a heinous crime and is intolerable in any setting. Any allegation of this nature should be taken seriously, forwarded to the police, investigated and brought to justice,” wrote Mr. Harper.

    Andrew Scheer, the current leader of the conservative Party, has decided to open an independent investigation Wednesday on the case of Rick Dykstra, who was forced to resign from his post as president of the progressive conservative party of Ontario.