Already a dozen of deaths in Quebec

News 11 February, 2018
  • Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

    Saturday, 10 February, 2018 23:29

    Saturday, 10 February, 2018 23:29

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    The balance sheet was a nice improve from year to year in the snowmobile trails in Quebec, this season takes a tangent concern as the number of deaths observed up to now is more than two times higher than last year.

    The Sûreté du Québec were 10 deaths in the trails as of the date of 2 February, which is two times more than at the same date last year. Since then, at least two other snowmobilers have lost their lives and two others are missing.

    The numbers remain for the time being below the balance sheet of the last season, where a score of deaths have been recorded. The memories of the 2014-2015 season, the worst of the last 10 years, are as well far away, while 34 deaths were reported.

    “For the past four years, there has been a marked improvement. It still remains comparable to the past year “, nuance spokesperson of the Federation of snowmobile clubs of Quebec, Marilou Perreault.

    Explanations ?

    Difficult to point to a specific reason why the number of accidents has doubled in the territory covered by the SQ.

    “Is this what it is because the season is longer ? People are reckless ? There are a multitude of factors that it was hard to identify, ” explains Perreault.

    “We observe the same conduct on the roads. But in this case, there is no cabin to protect us “, she said, deploring especially the excessive speed.

    Advertising campaigns as well as joint deployments between the clubs, the SQ and the department of Transportation for the purpose of raising the awareness of snowmobilers to opt for prudence.