Altercation between players and a spectator in Forestville

News 17 December, 2017
  • Martin Lavoie

    Sunday, 17 December, 2017 16:52

    Sunday, 17 December, 2017 16:55

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    A game of senior hockey has degenerated to Forestville on Friday. In a scene in the style of the cult film Slap Shot, players of the visiting team are mounted during the match in the stands coming to blows with a supporter.

    According to the information obtained by The Journal, Jean-Christophe Pedneault-Bolduc, who was sentenced to 90 days in prison last year for having, with his car, hit a pedestrian in the parking lot of a McDonald’s, is one of the players involved.

    The League match of the senior hockey from the lake to the river (LHSLF), a circuit where the fights are commonplace, against the BISHOP’s Express Jonquière Excavation A. Savard of the Haute-Côte-Nord at complexe Guy-Ouellet in Forestville.

    According to the director-general of the league Mathieu Caron, who was also one of the officials on the ice, it is a can thrown by a spectator on the players of the visiting team that has warmed the spirits.

    “Hostile crowd”

    But it is in the middle of the third that the situation is acrimonious. A video posted on the page Facebook of Spotted : TiCoune shows three or four players in the MGR Express take it to a viewer in a passage in the top of the stairs. The players of the BISHOP who were in the lace up and bare-chested for the most part, had climbed the stairs after you have probably left their locker room.

    The supporter receives several hits during a twenty seconds before that of the members of the security does not come to calm the spirits. The SQ is also involved, but for the moment, no complaint has been filed. The match was interrupted.

    According to information obtained, two of the players involved are: Jean-Christophe Pedneault-Bolduc and Samuel Gagnon. The latter dominates the LHSLF with 92 minutes of penalties in eight parts.

    The Journal has contacted a player from Jonquière, who requested anonymity and who has denounced the aggression of some of the spectators, the security and the behavior of some of his teammates.

    “The crowd is particularly hostile to Forestville. The arenas in this league are not made to the senior hockey, there is no separation between players and spectators, the fact that there may be excesses on both sides. The team of Forestville had hired four players strong and we expected to fathom-comrade,” said this player.

    On 13 December, after the recruitment of these players, Excavation A. Savard has published this on his page Facebook : “the days when opposing teams came to make the law and allow certain variances against our players is complete.”

    The coach slams the door

    The coach of the ARCHBISHOP Express, Gino Gagnon, has resigned from his position Sunday morning. If he did not want to comment on the news, it had justified its decision by saying that as a member and advisor to organizations of minor hockey and physical education teacher, his values were at odds with what happened and that he was uncomfortable in this situation. His deputy, Jean-Philippe Boivin, had also left the boat.

    Mathieu Caron promises that sanctions will be applied as soon as tomorrow and that the discipline committee will meet with the players and organization. “I’m not proud of what happened. This is unacceptable, this is not the hockey that wants to promote and we will make sure it never happens again,” he said. It will also bring fixes to security.

    The LHSLF has only four teams. It has been developed in the course of the summer.