American and Indian made sandwich from planet Earth : the World : Vladim

News 19 February, 2018

The guy from USA Minnesota If St. John together with new friends from India Subashi Lastelem team up to create a sandwich the size of a globe. Filling for flour basis all having on our planet, the Agency reports Mashable.


To ensure that the idea became a reality, the guys took only two slices of bread and camera. One piece If Saint John put on his home territory in Minnesota, and the other his Indian friend put on the road in the city of Delhi.


The American published records in Twitter and Facebook where you said that four hours ago he had a new dream. Saint John, new Brunswick wanted to create a sandwich from around the globe, and the guy was able to realize his dream. To confirm this interesting fact the American posted two pictures joined together. In a short amount of time recording gathered more than 100 thousand retweets on the Twitter space, and more than a hundred reposts in Facebook.

If Saint John after the popularity began to joke that following his new culinary masterpiece will be shared with Elon Musk. Your new friend from India American looking forward to Minnesota for a sandwich party.