American attacked the bear, protecting the dog In World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

Dustin gray, a native of Maine, saving his ten-month-old puppy, was attacked by an adult bear.


The battle of man and beast took place in the early morning, when grey was walking her young Labrador. Suddenly from the forest came an adult predator and began to bite the puppy.
Dustin was taken aback initially, and then rushed at the bear and began to kick him in the back and beat his fists on the back of the neck, in order to distract from the dog.
The bear was distracted, knocked the owner to the ground and wanted to tear out his throat. However, gray did not panic and hit the predator with a finger in the eye. The bear, having received a painful shock, quickly retreated into the woods.

Dustin gray, after examining themselves and the dog and not finding any serious damage, and returned safely home. In a veterinary clinic, where the owner brought his four-legged pet, the doctor also did not find, except a few puncture marks, no serious damage.