American Corporation called technology that will change people’s lives

Techno 20 March, 2018

2018-03-20 09:53

American Corporation called technology that will change people’s lives
IBM prepare annually the forecast for the development of innovation

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IBM has listed the technologies that can change our lives for the next five years. Among them, independent artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing, and work-microscopes, writes Rus.Media.

Experts of the company IBM introduced the list of technologies the development of which can change the life of mankind in the next five years. Such technologies can be considered as quantum computing, robots, microscopes, independent artificial intelligence and the blockchain. If technology will develop production mikroskopiya nano-robots with artificial intelligence will monitor the state of the oceans, it will be possible to control the level of water pollution.

In that case, if you manage to create sufficiently impartial artificial intelligence, it will improve a large number of modern technologies. The development of the blockchain will allow you to hide user data in more complex structures, and, consequently, can provide more privacy.

An important element of the future can become, and quantum computing – soon this area of expertise will be required to study for all those involved with work in computer science.