American detained for attempting sex with the neighbor’s horse : In the World : Vladim

News 11 January, 2018

A long time resident of a small town in Alabama, suspected that a stranger walks into her stable, however, when she caught “the same”, it is very surprised, because they found her 18-year-old neighbor. The American was attached to the horse’s back.


Despite the fact that the zoophyte Daniel Bennett caught on hot, he’s long tried to deny it, noting that he was not guided by any sexual motives, because he just loves horses, so used to go periodically to the neighbor’s stable.
However, the weight of the evidence, the guy still had to admit that he did repeatedly engage in sexual intercourse with a horse.

18-year-old boy also said during the interrogation that he knew that the horse Polly and tried to nail a pervert who was two years older than him.
Bennett was arrested and taken to the station. There he was charged with trespassing on foreign territory, in addition to this, he was accused of bestiality. Neighbors sincerely hope that he will be given skilled care of a psychiatrist.