American family composition has become a transgender

News 17 December, 2017

American family living in Arizona at full strength was transgender. All family members and their 4 changed their sex to the opposite, notes the Daily Mail. The movement of transgenders in the United States is gaining momentum and comes to the absurd.


The head of the family, Daniel of Harrod, was born a woman. He became transgender at age 41. Being a woman, he managed to produce two children.

Shirley Austin, the man from birth, has now become the mother of the family. She’s 62.
Both spouses had previously been the marriage, but felt they are people of the opposite sex. The decision to change your gender has caused confusion among their families. After breaking up with the first spouses, they met each other.

Their children decided not to lag behind from their parents and also replaced the floor.
At the age of 6 – 7 years start to perceive themselves girl their daughter Joshua. Born Joshua boy. Now the girl is 13 years old.

Mason also changed gender. Previously, he was a girl and he was uncomfortable in a girl’s body. He’s 11 years old.