American prepares desserts using the placenta remaining after the birth of her son

News 23 December, 2017

American Jordan Harrison at the age of 29 years decided to experiment with their own placenta, which she took after the birth of his son. On the advice of other mothers, found in the Network, she used the placenta in the preparation of desserts.


Jordan said that after the birth of her second child she took from the hospital my placenta and dried it to make it powder. Having heard about the use of such a specific product for the first time the young mother reacted quite negatively, however, she still decided to try and I have not regretted. Harrison said that he added a powder of the placenta in a variety of dishes and desserts, and a positive sensation she felt after the first meal with this Supplement.

According to her, she felt a surge of strength and energy, felt very lively. After that, the American established a small production of powder of placenta and sells products with this Supplement, Christmas decorations made using this powder and the dried placenta, contained in capsule.