American proclaimed the land a separate state In the World : Vladim

News 7 February, 2018

In the desert of Nevada has a new state called Molossia. Kevin Bo bought a plot of land and established there a separate country, that the government of the United States of America did not respond.


New location in Nevada began to attract tourists. At first glance, nothing remarkable in there: a few houses in the desert, but actually is a state within a state. Kevin Bo, the owner of this land, declared it a separate country of Molossia. The US government did not react to such a move of a resident, so Molossia is still there. While in the territory of a small country home to its ruler, Kevin Bo, his wife and children. Of Molossia has its own space programme and even its own currency – valor. One of valor equal to 100 Petrusov and exists only as a souvenir.

Kevin Bo believes that Molossia is required to achieve international recognition, it is only a matter of time.