American revealed the secret of the wasp waist In the World : Vladim

News 7 February, 2018

A resident of the United States of America revealed the secret of his wasp waist. It turned out that the former soldier made of fine corset. This piece of clothing she wore every day for 23 hours a day.


Diana Ringo is already 39 years old. For nine years she served in the Navy cook, was the mother of three children and the circumference of her waist all the same – 46 inches. It turned out that with a corset Diana parted in only two cases – while taking a shower or workout. After birth, the waist of the woman was far, in her mind, from ideal. It reached 74 inches, what Ringo was not going to be tolerated. Then she put on the corset, adding to this grueling workout. The American admitted that she was upset rasplyvetsya after birth, the body, and the corset gave her confidence in her power. While Diana is sympathetic to the fatties, and merely States that when a masculine figure curvy look is not comme Il faut.

In the wardrobe of Diana 45 of corsets. Now it weighs 54 pounds with a growth of 1.58 meters. The husband of a woman initially resisted it, worrying about the health of the life partner, but to your doctor has convinced of the safety of the corset. And yet he asks his wife not to lose weight.