American thanks to the advice of his mother hit the jackpot 100 thousand dollars : In the World : Vladim

News 13 March, 2018

A resident of Washington decided to visit my mom who lives in Virginia. During the visit, the woman advised his son to try your luck and play the lottery, and the lucky numbers to use the date of birth of the native.


The guy took the advice of his mother and won. The American has hit the jackpot of 100 thousand dollars. This is almost six million rubles. The first action guy after a joyful fact was calling mommy. According to the woman, she will give advice to his son on how best to spend the winnings.

According to some lottery to win 100 thousand dollars is not easy: the chance is 1 in 278 256.

This is not the first win in America this year. It is known that in February, the man won the five million dollars due to the coffee. When a fan of a hot drink found it in one store, he went to another, which bought the lucky ticket.