An entry of 26 $ 500 in a prison in Matsqui

News 14 January, 2018
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    Sunday, 14 January 2018 08:05

    Sunday, 14 January 2018 08:05

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    MATSQUI, British Columbia – The prison authorities of a penitentiary Matsqui, British Columbia, have seized the equivalent of 26 $ 500 in drugs and tobacco, prohibited items, which have been filed by a drone.

    The events took place last December 23 to 22 h. “Thanks to the vigilance of the staff, a package containing drugs and tobacco has been seized after having been dropped by a drone. In total, the value property of the items seized is estimated to be 26 500 $”, can we read in a statement of the correctional Service of Canada (CSC) released on Friday.

    The Matsqui Institution is a federal medium security located more than 70 kilometres from Vancouver.

    The correctional Service of Canada (CSC) has imposed a total smoking ban in all federal correctional institutions in 2008.

    Deliveries of contraband into prisons using drones are becoming more frequent and loads more imposing.

    CSC has strengthened measures to prevent the introduction of contraband into its institutions. Also, a telephone information line has been set in place for all federal institutions to “obtain additional information on the activities relating to the safety and security of CSC institutions”.