An ex-instructor would have assaulted a mother and her daughter

News 19 October, 2017
  • Photo courtesy, SPL
    Yvon Boulet, 71 years old, was arrested on October 12, 2017 the last and the SPL has launched an appeal to all on Wednesday, because the police have reason to believe that he could have other victims.

    Frederique Giguere

    Wednesday, 18 October, 2017 08:19

    Wednesday, 18 October, 2017 19:05

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    Suspected of sexually assaulting at least four women, including a mother and her daughter at 21 years of interval, an ex-driving instructor, 71-year-old has been arrested by the police of Laval.

    Yvon Boulet is facing charges of sexual assault on a minor, death threats and sexual exploitation of a minor. The alleged offences took place in Laval and Saint-Eustache.

    In 1996, he allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl of 16 years old, when he had granted him his licence.

    She was left alone with him while waiting for his parents, and the public would have benefited. Just before you leave from, the alleged perpetrator allegedly threatened to kill her if she told them what had happened.

    Her daughter also

    Twenty years later, this same woman has filed a complaint with the police of Laval when she realized that her old driving instructor came to suffer the same fate to her daughter.

    Even if she had taken the care to make checks before sending his daughter in a driving school, she realised that the man in his seventies was still working in the occasional ” for fun “.

    He would have stroked the thigh, the teenager in a meeting and would have used examples of sexual to explain their lessons.

    “At this time, when she told me about it, I think I stopped breathing completely, she entrusted to TVA News under the guise of anonymity. The earth has stopped rotating. I could win the lottery, we had the same chances. “


    The assault of his daughter has finally given her the courage necessary to go to file a complaint with the police of Laval.

    During the investigation, police have found two other alleged victims of the ex-driving instructor.

    “We are convinced that other young girls have been victims and have not denounced, and indicated the sergente Genevière Major, spokesman of the police of Laval. We realize that young girls are brought to trivialize the actions, but it is important to understand that nothing should be taken lightly, be it harassment, assault, unwanted touching or threats. “

    All relevant information can be passed confidentially at (450) 662-4636.