An ex-player of the HP claims to have been cheated and abused

News 10 August, 2017
  • Photo: Martin Knight
    Blogger Patrick Vaillancourt gave his version of events in a video shown on Facebook. It differs in several respects from the version presented by the judge Conrad Chapdelaine, who has been sentenced for fraud.

    Carl Vaillancourt

    Thursday, 10 August 2017 06:30

    Thursday, 10 August 2017 06:30

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    The former player of the Montreal canadiens ‘ Pierre Dagenais claims to have been a victim of blogger Patrick Vaillancourt, that he denied categorically.

    Pierre Dagenais has reacted yesterday to the conviction of the blogger followed by 70 000 people Patrick Vaillancourt. The latter has been guilty of a fraud of $ 125,000 to the place of a man suffering from cystic fibrosis who were made to believe that it could relieve the pain with pills imported from China.

    However, the former number 26 of the CH would have also filed a complaint against Patrick Vaillancourt in 2009, after having lent a sum of $ 150,000 to the blogger. He claimed yesterday to have withdrawn its complaint because her family has been the subject of threats.


    “I had loaned this money to invest in a company that specializes in computer science. At the time, he handed me the share certificates, but it turned out that the company has never been real. When I saw that it was fake, I wanted to find my money. I’ve even followed up to his residence to ask him for my money, it is at this time that I began to be afraid, ” said Mr. Dagenais.

    The ex-hockey player has provided several documents to the Newspaper showing that he has indeed lent that amount to Mr. Vaillancourt.

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    Pierre dagenais. Ex-hockey player

    In 2007, the blogger was accused of a fraud of $ 125,000 to the place of a sick man. He received on Monday a sentence of 18 months detention to be served at home, and it will have to repay his victim.

    300 000 $

    During his testimony before the court, Vaillancourt said that Pierre Dagenais had loaned the sum of $ 300,000 in small bills in a meeting in front of a bank in Sainte-Thérèse.

    The loan would be used to pay for a shipment of products from China that were allegedly sold in the gyms of Quebec to reap large profits, according to what is recorded in the judgment.

    However, the story has been described as being far-fetched, and stitched with white thread by the judge Conrad Chapdelaine.

    For his part, Pierre Dagenais was denied yesterday its collaboration in the project of import of pills. However, he acknowledged that the blogger 36-year-old owes him a sum amounting to more than 225 000 $ because of interest.

    For his part, Patrick Vaillancourt was completely denied, yesterday, that the claims of the ex-hockey player. “I have communicated with Dagenais because it is a lie. […] I have paid enough for a mistake made 11 years ago “, he wrote.


    Pierre Dagenais would have met Patrick Vaillancourt through a close. After a few meetings between the two men, one who played two seasons with the hc had granted an amount of $150,000.

    “ll has talked to my wife while I was in Europe, she has made a depression and lost 80 pounds, he sent me the world to us, he tried to break my family, I have not had the choice to protect my loved ones, I withdrew the complaint “, said Pierre Dagenais.