An iPhone 6 Plus explodes in a shop, the video is impressive!

New accident with an iPhone 6 Plus! The smartphone exploded in a shop, while a customer brought it to have it repaired.
Last month, meltyStyle confided to you that an iPhone 6 Plus had exploded next to its owner while she was sleeping . It was not the first accident related to the smartphone designed by Apple … And unfortunately not the last. This week, a new case of explosion was recorded … And this time it was filmed. In the video below, a man comes to bring his iPhone 6 Plus in repair shop, accompanied by his wife. The screen of his device is damaged, and he wishes to remedy it … Until then, nothing more normal. But when he starts pressing it to show it to the repairman, the iPhone starts to emit smoke … Before bluntly explode .
When the repairer realizes that the iPhone 6 Plus is catching fire, it quickly moves away and out of the camera field. He then comes back with a fire extinguisher to stop the damage and restore security. No wonder the customers of the shop have freaked out! Once the situation is mastered, the camera lingers on the Apple smartphone … There is almost nothing left, it is totally charred. How could mere pressures have caused such an explosion? It sounds crazy, but that’s what happened. Hopefully the iPhone 8 which recently inspired a concept based on augmented reality is more secure. Do you still trust Apple?

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  • And you’ll never see this on mainstream news! Ever