An octogenarian admits to have struck his spouse with a cane

News 26 January, 2018
  • Kathleen Frenette

    Friday, January 26, 2018 17:06

    Friday, January 26, 2018 17:13

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    The aggressiveness of a man in his eighties, and his problem of addiction related to alcohol have carried out everything right in front of the courts where she was found to have committed an armed aggression of a cane and an umbrella with regard to his spouse… of sixty-one years.

    In October 2017, a frail woman of 82 years, Antoinette Chiasson, had appeared held at the palace of justice of Quebec, to the sides of the big fellows tattooed.

    Handcuffed in the box of the accused, the little lady was visually and the Crown had accepted that she could resume her freedom for the rest of the procedures.

    On Friday, it is in the company of her daughter that she has admitted to having hit his former spouse today, who no longer wants any contact with her.

    “At the time of the events, the accused and his spouse were in a couple. On October 22, at 2: 40 pm, while monsieur was asleep, madame entered the room and she hit her husband on the head and shoulders to seven or eight times with a cane “, stated the prosecutor, Me, Julie Roy.

    Subsequently, the lady, completely unleashed, has launched a number of furniture in the basement, while his victim was trying to join the police. Chiasson, however, had anticipated the move and snatched the phone wires.

    “Mr. was able to join the police on her cell phone and when he came out of the room, the accused gave her his umbrella to the shoulders and head. She also took a pair of scissors to threaten her, but mr has managed to disarm, “he added to Me, Roy, who said that at the time of the facts, the accused” was drunk “.

    “Alcohol doesn’t lower inhibitions and makes people act. But your real problem is your aggression. You’re 82 years old… it is up to you now to take the means to get out of it, ” scolded the judge Rosaire Larouche before agreeing to suspend the pronouncement of the sentence.

    For the next two years, Antoinette Chiasson will be on probation and he was prohibited contact with his victim. In addition, it should travel in a CLSC and take any medication that will be prescribed.

    “You have to admit that it is still sad… but we can’t go back on the facts. Here, it is my human heart that speaks to you… and I hope that the next few years, you’ll evolve in a climate of serenity, ” said the judge in closing.