An official from Rostov will appear before court for bribery and negligence

News 18 December, 2017

Upon receipt of a bribe of half a million rubles Rostov officer Andrei Zadymova, the Prosecutor’s office completed the investigation – to be the trial. According to the criminal case, Sadykov for the sum of bribes has pledged not to create difficulties of the construction of housing for orphans.


Over 500 thousand rubles in 2015, an official from Rostov Andrei Salimov agreed not to notice the obvious irregularities in the delivery of new housing for children-orphans. In receiving the bribe from a contractor of construction works was also involved Deputy official who brokered the illegal transfer of funds.

On suspicion in receiving a bribe Zadymova was arrested, it happened in February 2017. At the moment, official law enforcement authorities opened a criminal case, which is considered by the district court of the Tsimlyansk district. In the case of sufficient evidence of guilt Zadymova, he faces a term of imprisonment up to 8 years and a fine of 30 million rubles.