An SQ police officer guilty of having beaten up a motorist

News 9 December, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Martin Alarie
    Guillaume St-Louis was found guilty on Friday to have sprinkled Cayenne pepper and then struck with his stick telescopic a citizen. He must return to the courthouse in Joliette on February 6, next to observations on the trouble.

    Guy Latour and
    Vincent Larin

    Friday, December 8, 2017 21:23

    Friday, December 8, 2017 21:23

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    A police officer of the Sûreté du Québec was found to have sprinkled Cayenne pepper and then hit him with an asp baton, a citizen who was going to renew his little girl of 11 months at the nursery.

    Judge Carol Richer has finally accepted the version of the complainant, Alexandre Hébert, rather than the explanations of the police officer Guillaume St-Louis, which it described as ” implausible “.

    “Sometimes the accused contradicted himself ; at other times, his testimony is contradicted by the evidence,” he wrote in his judgment Friday at the courthouse in Joliette.

    The alleged facts to the officer-St-Louis dating back to December 2014 during the arrest of a father of a family, Alexandre Hébert, at Lanoraie in the Lanaudière region.

    Photo Agence QMI, Martin Alarie

    Alexandre Hébert, victim

    The police officer then intercepts Mr. Hebert since his vehicle has the windows too tinted. Since the motorist does not have his identity papers, it the sum of get out of the vehicle.

    Without even ask his name nor his address, the officer-in-St-Louis ordered him to remove his sunglasses, that Mr. Hebert refused to do so. The police officer tends the hand to take of itself.

    “This is a joke, what happens to morning,” said to have said Hebert just before being sprinkled with Cayenne pepper.

    Fracture to the index

    Then the policeman strikes him in the legs several times with his asp baton.

    Alexandre Hebert was trying to keep the weapon with her hands while pleading with him to cease his blows, according to his version of the facts.

    Under the pain, he collapses to the ground, which does not prevent Guillaume St-Louis to strike him hard other blows, including at least two at the head.

    Mr. Hébert is then handcuffed and then led to the position where the layer finally to the ground for him to remove his links.

    He comes out with a fracture to the index as well as injury to the scalp and a tibia as well as bruising to the legs.

    He contested the facts

    Testifying in his defence, the officer-in-St-Louis has recognized many of these facts while claiming that it is the aggressive behavior of the motorist who was forced to use force.

    Following his arrest, Alexander Hebert has been charged with assault, threats and obstructing a peace officer, but was released of all charges. Very moved by the conclusion of the case, he preferred not to comment on his exit of the courthouse, on Friday.

    St-Louis, who is suspended with pay since his indictment in June 2015, will return to court on February 6, the observations on the sentence.

    He will continue to receive their salary until the appeal procedures are finished or the time limit for contesting the judgment on Friday has expired.