And fuck Mirabel !

News 11 February, 2018
  • Michel Hébert

    Sunday, 11 February 2018 13:40

    Sunday, 11 February, 2018 14:51

    Look at this article

    Quebec is moving in the slightest unhappiness, he should make an effort not to lose sight of the economic stakes involved in national involving the government of the Great Comedian of Ottawa.

    Constantly invited by the tvs and to commiserate on the fate of the unfortunate of the State, the Québec eventually does not see the negligence of those who represent them in the blue Room.

    It is thus that a whole people becomes stupid, docile, satisfied with his place in the world. The hashtag #MeeNous we will go on like a glove.

    The most recent example of political neglect is the cancellation of the sale of helicopters to the Philippines.

    The reports were of a correctness total, without originality of any kind, and slipped between two topos lubricants on the nurses and the winter Games in korea.

    We had a canning quickly done as to not interfere with our collective grief at the bedside of the social programs…

    Damage to Mirabel Bell Helicopter employs hundreds of québec workers heavily taxed. The layoffs will come soon enough, not worth it to insist…

    But why loses there as well, and suddenly, there was a contract of 250 million concluded there are years?

    This is not because the Filipinos have changed their opinion on the quality of the product. The contract had been initialled in 2012, we should know what to expect…

    facade Bell Helicopter

    Photo Le Journal de Montréal, Chantal Poirier

    What has changed is the state of mind reigning in the federal government. Ottawa is like the Mont Saint-Michel, it expiates all the sins of the world.. And so much the worse for Mirabel. And because we can say exactly: Fuck Mirabel !

    The government of Justin Trudeau has decided to impose conditions subsequent to the sale, which seems contrary to the business… and the interests of workers in quebec.

    Basically, the federal government wanted to limit the use of helicopters sold. He did not want it used for something other than humanitarian activities and civil. Not a question of transporting soldiers to make war to the narcos. A war is barbaric, cruel as all wars.

    This decision is incongruous stems from the desire of Justin Trudeau to return the world to where the had left St. Francis of Assisi. He wants to take the world on her knees to give him a spanking. Not all are in agreement…

    Remember : last fall, the Leader L’oréal was on a trip to the Philippines. He then invited the president Duerte to respect the rights of man.

    When the opportunity to talk came to the president of the philippines, it was understood that he had not liked the screed preachy Trudeau.

    “I am accountable to the Filipino. I do not respond to the bullshit, especially to foreigners,” he launched to the journalists, surprised by the purity of the franchise.

    Photo AFP

    Is it any wonder now that this president does not want to bend to the new conditions imposed by Junior? The failure was assured.

    The King in shirt has not had the same scruples when tanks were sold to saudi Arabia. A country backlog if there is one, and where human rights do not make the weight against the sword-edged sword of the executioner.

    You can easily find videos showing men and women beheaded in the middle of the street, the blood squirting on the pavement in front of crowds satisfied. Saudi Arabia, it is just a business partner!

    To this government, he has not asked, the Great Humanist, nothing is required to be delayed. The shielded saudis might be used in the war against Yemen. Or against those of the people of saudi arabia who are sick and tired of the tyranny of this theocracy from the middle-ages. Canada is a shit.

    To understand what it returns, it is necessary to know the plant to General Dynamics, which manufactures the famous armored is located in London, Ontario. It is the native land of the liberal Party of Canada. Even the dandelions are red.

    Or orange, because the NDP is also present and that is more choosy when Mirabel is in question.

    Mirabel, territory of the Block and, therefore, without political weight true.

    For the feds, it was never really a question of stopping the sale of armor under some pretext of humanitarian aid. They zigonnent, looking for excuses, loopholes. It looks like lizards rummaging around in the mouths of gargoyles.

    In this case, it is the lawyer Daniel Turp, who made the most of boucan by trying to cancel the sale by the courts under the pretext that saudi Arabia was leading his dark designs with canadian armour. A fly can stop a giant from sleep…

    And Turp could possibly win, but doesn’t it only play on the corner of iron in the flank of the “most best country in the world”…

    The Trudeau government has not yet cancelled the contract of saudi arabia even if nothing prevents it. In truth, the remorse, it comes to the liberals when it costs nothing to Ontario.

    A member of parliament denounces the links between the Pentagon and Hollywood


    But, in Québec, the firecracker of the controversy has done pfft! Then the King Air Miles and flew with its suite of media in California where he put in a T-Shirt on the Hollywood hills.

    Mirabel, we talk about more. Waiting for the next episode of the melodrama trade union, the Quebec welcomes its little success the olympic. Trudeau must be dying with laughter…