And how you hold your phone? The answer depends on a lot..

Techno 20 December, 2017

2017-12-20 10:44

And how you hold your phone? The answer depends on a lot..
Phones have become an integral part of our lives. Relationships, friendships, work — all in this little device.

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Think for a moment how many times a day are you holding it? It turns out, plays an important role how you hold your phone.

We offer you to pass a test of character of a person, who will talk about you a lot.

A test to determine the nature

There are four main ways to hold the phone and, as it turned out, each of them corresponds to a certain type of human personality. Find out what type of person are you!

Are you holding the phone in one hand and enter text with your thumb.

What you hold the phone with one hand evidence of your multitasking. Discipline is your middle name. You do an excellent job with the tasks. You are assembled, organized, always know what is good and what is bad.

You’re an outdoor person, love to be the center of attention. And you love to talk and tell about yourself. But to listen to the other person for you — not an easy task. People are often offended at you, only you’re doing it intentionally.

You value real love and is able to distinguish it from fraud. Your mate was very lucky, because for her you’re ready for everything and more.

You’re holding the phone with both hands and insert the text of your thumb.

This suggests that you’re a very private person. You never ask about it, but you want attention, care and protection. Your feelings are under seven locks.

Also reluctant to you’re committing yourself to your partner so she can experience a lack of love and care. Try to be softer and more open with your loved ones, you will understand.

Are you holding the phone with two hands to set using two thumbs.

You’re very impressionable and vulnerable people often experience fear and anxiety. I’m afraid to do something wrong, say something. You like to do things well, even perfectly, but often worried that I could miss something.

You should be less demanding of myself and do a little work on your self-esteem. Because with your work ethic you can achieve great things, don’t let insecurity ruin it!

You need a partner who will understand and support you. If you feel confident with him, then this is the man! You’ll love her with all my heart, because you just don’t know how to do something carelessly.

Are you holding the phone in one hand, typing with the index finger of the other hand.

You’re quiet and calm person, your actions are always well informed. You tend altruism for the welfare of others willing to sacrifice their own interests.

You prefer the quiet, home comfort and home away from home in a narrow circle of friends. You don’t like crowds and noisy companies. As you have in the relationship is a safe haven. Arguments, drama, tears and slamming doors — all this is not about you. You are able to truly love and can forgive a lot of your favorite

Thanks to this test you can determine not only the nature but also the type of person friends or even strangers. Only need to pay attention to how they hold their phone. You see, everything in our life is interconnected and everything has some hidden meaning.