And the ice and snow with no impact

News 24 December, 2017
    A mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain have made the road conditions very bad, Saturday, in the great region of Montreal, on Sainte-Catherine.

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    Saturday, December 23, 2017 19:47

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 19:47

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    Motorists seem to have listened to the warnings of the meteorologists and they have shown wisdom on the roads, where few major accidents were reported Saturday, despite the awful weather.

    “All in all, I would tell you that this is a situation normally occupied “, said the spokesperson of CAA-Quebec, Annie Gauthier.

    The support service had received approximately 1600 calls in the late afternoon, or as much as for any day in the winter, said Ms. Gauthier.

    Of this number, half of the calls related to trailers, the third of the overvoltages and the tenth of the vehicles bogged down.

    Neither the Montreal police or the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) not related to major accidents late Saturday evening. Multiple outputs of road have, however, taken place in the regions of Montréal, Québec and Montérégie), but none of them would have been injured, ” confirmed a spokesperson for the SQ.

    The driver of the vehicle snow removal was seriously injured Saturday evening when his tracked vehicle was caught by a train, in the sector of Saint-Hubert in Longueuil, quebec. It is not known if this accident is related to the weather conditions.

    Delayed flights

    About 10 cm of a mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain in the montreal area Saturday, according to Environment Canada. The agency provided warm weather without rainfall for the day of Sunday.

    Another depression that might begin at midnight tonight is expected to bring between 10 and 15 cm of snow in the south-west of the province, says the meteorologist Yvan Dubé.

    Several flights had to be delayed for a few hours at the airport Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau. The travellers interviewed by The Newspaper in the afternoon did not, however, too much of a hassle with these deadlines.

    “It is a holiday, then we do not stress with it. The important thing is that it arrives in time for new year’s eve “, said Éric Legault, who left to join her sister in Toronto with his wife for Christmas.

    Shops crowded

    Despite the snow that descended on Montreal in the afternoon, the Plaza Saint-Hubert was full of customers stragglers who were making their last shopping.

    “Our sales have almost doubled, welcomes the manager of the clothing store Eleven Montreal, Annie Vanlian. It is beyond our expectations. “

    The shop was registered in the middle of the afternoon for a turnover of approximately 20% to 30 % above of what she had done on the same date the previous year.

    “We don’t have much of a choice to get out, otherwise we would do nothing of the winter,” laughs Julie Muraccioli, a resident of the district of Rosemont in Montréal.

    “It is nice to shop with snow falling,” said her partner David Gregory.