And what thoughts do you have during intimacy?

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 13:34

And what thoughts do you have during intimacy?
The therapists analyzed what people think during sex.

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The British sexologists conducted a study, which was attended by several thousand men and women, reports Rus.Media. But all in order to find out what are people’s thoughts during sex.

It turned out, most men during sex think about the process of sexual intercourse and their sexual fantasies. At the same time, every fifth Respondent, the representative of the stronger sex during intimacy thinks about his favorite football team and evaluates its chances of winning.

Such distant from intimacy of thought usually suggests that the person is trying to complete the process faster partner, so distracted in all possible ways. Men during sex imagine another partner and even mentally transferred to another intimate setting.

But the heads of the majority of women scored domestic problems: they often think about what to cook for dinner and whether it is time to clean the house.