Android, iOS: Google Assistant arrives in French this summer!

Techno 18 May, 2017

Google Assistant goes to the conquest of the hexagon! This one will indeed speak French in June next on all our smartphones, Android as iOS.
Google Assistant has just blown out its first candle for the Google I / O 2017. In its first year, the search engine’s vocal assistant was discreet despite its strengths. This one was indeed available only on the smartphone Pixel of the mark, and inside its application of instantaneous Allo. The competitor of Siri (who improves with iOS 10.3) also spoke only German and English. This should nevertheless change quickly, Google Assistant leaving to the conquest of France this summer. The company of Mountain View announced last night that his vocal assistant would be available in French as of June next. Good news, it will be possible to benefit from it on all smartphones, Android as iOS.
If your smartphone is equipped with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher, it will be able to benefit from Google Assistant this summer. IOS users should not be left out, and Siri should be competing on its own platform. The search engine has indeed announced an application iOS for Google Wizard whose release in France is also scheduled for June. If you do not want to wait, know that you can chat with the keyboard assistant within the Allo application , available on iOS and Android, today. Last good news, Google Home will soon be available in France . At meltyStyle , we can not wait to test the small bollard to place anywhere in your home. You hast?