Android: It should wait until 2018 for a Touch ID drive under the screen!

Techno 4 July, 2017

The marketing of Android smartphones with a Touch ID drive under the screen is not yet current. Qualcomm expects this new for 2018 … This leaves a margin of advance to Apple.

If Vivo boasts of having advanced the iPhone 8 on its biggest innovation, we still do not know when the Vivo X Play 6 will be launched on the market … Vivo, the Chinese brand, mainly established in India and little known in Europe would have Made a smartphone with such a novelty in the year. But from what we know, Qualcomm does not plan to commercialize this technology until 2018! Something to change the deal for Apple, which could also integrate its Touch ID to its screen. Is Apple going to recover the exclusivity of the novelty on this technology?

In addition to its borderless design, the absence of front buttons and its quick recharging, Apple’s flagship could stand out by a Touch ID drive directly integrated under the screen. Innovative technology that would convince many users to buy it, despite its excessive price and stock that will be limited initially. If Tim Cook launches an iPhone 8 with this technology, Apple would be one year ahead of Android smartphones. It was enough to keep the competition away from the Cupertino firm. What do you think ?