Ankara has informed in the letter from Syria about its military operations In the World : Vladim

News 20 January, 2018

Writing Turkey informed Syria about the beginning of military operations in Aminah. To date, a number of objectives already damaged Ankara.


Reportedly, the Turkish armed forces broke the 108 purposes of the 113 existing in the process of “operation Olive branch”. All the dead or injured are members of the Labour party or of the Kurds “Democratic Union”. These organizations are perceived in Turkey as a terrorist. It should also be added that the Turkish air force began air strikes on Kurdish areas after they worked the artillery.

The Russian foreign Ministry has already reacted on the beginning of military operations. Domestic diplomats are turning to the Turkish authorities and members of formirovanii Kurds with the requirement to exercise restraint and not unleash a major new war in Syria.

According to analysts, Ankara his operation is trying to strengthen its own role and influence in the Arab country. Its victorious conclusion will show that the Turks completed the task in SAR by creating sustainable territorial Association.