Antoine Griezmann meets Derrick Rose, and offers him the jersey of Atletico

Sport 23 December, 2016

Antoine Griezmann realized his dream by meeting Derrick Rose. The two players took advantage of this moment to exchange their shirts.

Just a few weeks meltyStyle did you notice that many players loved wearing NBA jerseys . Among them are Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann, whom we wish to speak to you today. Big fan of basketball, the best player of Euro 2016 took advantage of the international truce to fly to New York, hoping to meet his idol, Derrick Rose. And after attending the meeting between the Knicks and the Magic, Grizi finally saw his dream come true … He went to greet the NBA star on the floor, before proceeding with an exchange of jerseys. One moment he wanted to share with his followers via his Instagram account.

Antoine Griezmann is not just a football player … This is primarily a sports lovers! “Thanks to the @nba to have realized my dream” , has indeed expressed in the French commentary on the photo he posted on Instagram. On the photo in question, Grizi has the jersey Knicks in his hands, flocked to his name. The basketball player is itself in possession of the shirt of Atletico Madrid, with the flocking “Rose” in the back . One can see the pride in the eyes of Antoine Griezmann, who had been waiting for this moment for a very long time. As for Derrick Rose, it seems at ease in the company of our Frenchie, who recently spoke on the beard of Lionel Messi . Chez meltyStyle, we validate this picture! And you, you kiffes the basketball?